3 Reasons The Hungry Chef Pizzeria Is The Best Restaurant In Harrison Hot Springs


If we’re going to make the debatably audacious claim that the Hungry Chef Pizzeria is the best restaurant in Harrison Hot Springs, we better have some solid reasons to back it up with, right?

In that case, shall we begin?

3 Reasons The Hungry Chef Pizzeria Is The Best Restaurant In Harrison Hot Springs

  1. Although we don’t understand the sentiment ourselves, we respect that asking some people to deal with black olives on their pizza is akin to asking them to “eat around” a salty rubber-band. After all, some people don’t even believe in the pineapple’s right to exist as a pizza topping at all! Does forcing someone to eat a tropical fruit so distasteful to them they take valuable time out of their day to wage social media campaigns against it because they also happen to really love ham seem like a good idea? Not to us it doesn’t! That’s why at the Hungry Chef Pizzeria you get to dictate what you eat, not the other way around. Simply select your favorite toppings from our extensive list which includes artisan toppings such as delicious buffalo chicken, tender artichoke hearts, and mouth-watering pulled-pork, and we’ll make your za just the way you like it. At the Hungry Chef Pizzeria, the days of eating things you don’t love are over!
  2. Unlike most (all?) other restaurants in Harrison Hot Springs, we at the Hungry Chef Pizzeria actually encourage you to eat with your hands! In fact, doing otherwise will likely result in some disapproving glances from our staff (we apologize in advance for their inability to mask completely valid emotional responses to your peculiar use of cutlery).
  3. Too often in pizza restaurants, the customer is left with very little flexibility in regards to budget, and pricing is often structured so as to nudge guests towards the highest price-point. At the Hungry Chef Pizzeria, we aim to provide flexibility for every budget regardless if you’re eating alone or with 4 generations of people you’ve become an expert at tolerating. Starting at just $10 for a cheese & pepperoni pizza so good it’ll make you shut your eyes, whether you want to stay for a while and enjoy our patio and craft beers, or grab a pie to enjoy at the beach with your friends, don’t let the “man” tell you you need to spend a fortune just to have a good time!

So yeah, that’s pretty much it…pretty simple right? And just in case you’re still not completely convinced the Hungry Chef Pizzeria & Craft Beer is the best restaurant in Harrison Hot Springs, we’ll let the star of the show take it home.

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