Harrison Hot Springs Restaurant Hails The Sasquatch!


From The Harrison Hot Springs Fake-News Bulletin:

(derived from the Sts’ailes word ‘“Sa:sq’ets” meaning “wild man” )

Sasquatches are real!  They stand up to 13 ft. tall, are covered in hair, and live in Harrison Hot Springs.

At least that’s what many children believe in beautiful BC. In fact, there is even one street there that is believed to be “the” Sasquatch Street.   While most adults have adopted a more pragmatic view, explaining away the many sightings and footprints with more practical explanations like bears or hoaxes, there is something special about the Sasquatch — something innocent, open and magical.

The Sasquatch Days in Harrison Hot Springs celebrate these childhood experiences — the times when we believed in ‘cool’ things and ‘endless possibilities’.

Harrison Hot Springs and The Hungry Chef support the celebration of everything Sasquatch.  These magnificent creatures, real or existing only in the imagination of the young and open-minded, are openly honored with a two-day event on June 8-9 — Sasquatch Days — that features canoe races and salmon grilling BBQ’s.

Feast like the Sasquatch at our Harrison Hot Springs Restaurant

We at The Hungry Chef Pizzeria wanted to truly understand and honor the Sasquatch.  To do that, we felt we needed to know which cuisine a Sasquatch would most enjoy himself.

But, what does such a big hairy man/beast actually eat?  While no one can know for sure, spontaneous sightings and foot-prints give us a little insight into this question.

Like bears, a Sasquatch is presumed to feast on a variety of foods.  From foraging for berries and wild onions to stealing turkeys and chickens from nearby farms, the Sasquatch has been spotted digging in muddy areas for clams and taking swipes at small fish.

The Sasquatch, as it turns out, is not much different from a human being , either, in that it is totally  seduced by the tastiness of … bacon! Indeed, they have even been known to be lured out into the open by bacon, that favorite of all smells.

So why not come visit our Harrison Hot Springs restaurant – The Hungry Chef Pizzeria – for a hot pizza-pie loaded with bacon? If you’re lucky, you may just find yourself sitting from across our furry friend (we highly recommend you share!)

harrison hot springs sasquatch restaurant

The Hungry Chef Pizzeria is open from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. Thursday-Monday, located at 140 Lillooet Avenue, near Harrison Beach Hotel. Feel free to give us a shout at 604-796-2483.

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