The Hungry Chef Pizzeria Celebrates Mother’s Day


The Hungry Chef Pizzeria celebrates Mother’s Day in Harrison Hot Springs Sunday May 14th!

Mom deserves the absolute best experience on Mother’s Day, that is never in question. But what then, does science say about creating the best dining experience for her special day? We decided to investigate and find the true answer.

While ‘taste’ unsurprisingly always tops the list, research has found that what makes for the best dining experience includes one other very important element … atmosphere!

And as it turns out, it’s not fanciness or expensive dishes that make up the best eating atmosphere, but rather…

“Atmosphere was identified as a feeling of ‘being at home’, along with service encounters that contribute to a relaxed and comfortable environment.”

This makes total sense since mom gives us that at-home feeling every day, so why return the favor this mother’s day?

Other elements that foster a great eating experience are music and smells.  People get more in the mood for eating when both of these are present in their most pleasant forms. With some cool tunes serenading mom as wave after wave of delicious, hot, cheesy dough blankets her in the warm embrace of that sweet sweet pizza goodness, the hardest part of Mother’s Day may be getting mom to go back home!

The Hungry Chef Pizzeria provides freshly-baked goods, as well as that warm cozy feeling of a log-cabin, with its fire-place and large inviting patio.

So this Mother’s Day, if you’re bringing mom to our picturesque town of Harrison Hot Springs, make sure to let her satisfy all her senses at the Hungry Chef Pizzeria & Craft Beer Restaurant. We can’t wait to help you spoil her!

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